Living Wage Op-ed in Hamilton Spectator


From an op-ed written by Bishops Douglas Crosby and Michael Bird of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hamilton:


Establishing living wages holds the promise to transform the lives of so many in our province; providing a decent quality of life with opportunities to fully participate in our society through recreation, culture, and entertainment. If we implement a fair minimum wage in Ontario the very fabric of our society would be transformed for the better.

Of course many will argue their budgets simply won't allow for this practice to be implemented. We understand the challenges to make ends meet. But such challenges do not absolve us of our responsibility and we must be steadfast in moving toward the vision of a society where all have enough.

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CTV Northern Ontario: OLWN in Timmins

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Hamilton’s living wage now $15.85 an hour


During an announcement at the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board’s office on the mountain, the Living Wage Working Group unveiled the updated calculation at $15.85 per hour more than Ontario’s current minimum wage of $11.40 per hour.

More than 100 employers in Ontario have adopted a living wage policy to assist the province’s 1.8 million working poor.

 Hamilton’s revised living wage is on the lower scale of what 14 other Ontario municipalities have adopted over the years such as the Niagara Region at $17.47, Peterborough with $17.65, Toronto with $18.52 – the highest – and Halton Region at $17.05.

There are nearly 30,000 adults in Hamilton working full or part-time jobs but don’t earn enough to pay their bills each month, says Deirdre Pike, a social planner at the Social Planning and Research Council.

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Updated living wage calculation announced for Kingston


Members of Living Wage Kingston and the Ontario Living Wage Network came together at Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul on Wednesday, Nov. 2 to announce the updated living wage calculation for Kingston as part of Living Wage Week. (LtoR) Jamie Swift, volunteer member of Living Wage Kingston, Greg deGroot-Maggetti, co-chair of the Ontario Living Wage Network, Cam Jay and Tara Kainer, co-chairs of Living Wage Kingston.
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Announcing the 2017 living wage rate in Waterloo region


Living Wage Waterloo Region calculation is based on the National Living Wage framework using a reference household of a family of four with two parents each working full-time, full-year. This new calculation reflects a decrease of 63 cents from the 2016 amount of $16.05. Over the past year there has been an increase in household expenses mainly due to a rise in child care costs. However, this increase was offset by the expansion of the Canada Child Benefit implemented by the federal government in 2016.

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