The 2017 Living Wage Calculation for Niagara Region

Despite an increase in cost of living expenses, the 2017 living wage for the Niagara Region has risen only modestly from last year’s calculation of $17.47, thanks in part to the recently introduced federal Canada Child Benefit (CCB).

“Providing wages that allow a family to meet its basic household needs is one important tool to address cost of living challenges in Niagara region and should be top of mind of all employers,” says Walker. “However, the reality is that many Niagara region businesses are struggling themselves to stay afloat, so other solutions must also be considered to help make life more affordable, such as improved public transit and access to more affordable child care.”


Also recently announced in Niagara Region was the first certified living wage employer: Pre-Line Processing in Lincoln, with owner Damin Starr pictured second from the left. 

The living wage in Niagara Region is made possible by the Niagara Poverty Reduction Network.

Read the 2017 calculation report here.



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