The Ontario Living Wage Network devised our calculation methodology in collaboration with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives B.C and Ontario offices, who were responsible for creating the standardized "National Living Wage Framework"

For a sortable table of all active living wage rates, visit Living Wage By Region.

Local living wage rates are calculated and peer-reviewed on an annual basis where possible. Some calculations are completed by a local organizing group, while others are conducted entirely by OLWN staff.

2021 Calculation Reports

See past calculation reports here.

Waterloo Region Living Wage: $17.20

Prepared by Ontario Living Wage Staff


Niagara Region Living Wage: $18.90

Niagara Poverty Reduction Network


Perth Huron Living Wage: $17.20

United Way Perth Huron


Peterborough Living Wage: $18.35

United Way Peterborough & District



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  • Ashley Yaworski
    commented 2022-08-15 22:37:32 -0400
    Would love to see the toronto calculations!
  • Alex Wilson
    commented 2022-02-23 10:38:04 -0500
    Average market rent for Peterborough in 2021 was $995? Are you joking? I challenge you to find me a single listing for a 1br apartment that is less than $1000… Even the most run down listing counts. I’ll be you $5,000 you can’t find a single listing even for a trailer at that price, yet you’ve said the AVERAGE is $995/m? There’s no way someone competent looked at that and said “yup that makes sense”.

    If you’re going to advocate for a living wage, then advocate for an ACTUAL living wage with REAL prices.

    The living wage you’ve calculated is a joke and you must realize that right?
  • Sarah Gallagher
    commented 2021-11-02 13:01:44 -0400
    Will 2021 reports be available for download on this page?