London's Living Wage $15.53: report

If you live in London, you need to a make $15.53 an hour or $30,284 a year to meet your basic needs, according to a “living wage” report released Friday by a coalition of businesses and private agencies.

Read the London Free Press story here.

Niagara Living wage far higher than Ontario’s minimum wage

Niagara Poverty Reduction Network logo

The so-called ‘living wage’ for Niagara families to realistically be able to pay their bills has been pegged at $17.47 by the Niagara Poverty Reduction Network.

Read the full story at Niagara This Week here.

'Illegalized' Migrant Workers and the Struggle for a Living Wage

In a new issue of Alternate Routes: A Journal of Social Research, Charity-Ann Hannan, Harald Bauder, and John Shields write about living wage campaigns and their effect on "illigalized" migrant workers, and what can be done to improve their working and living conditions.

Read the full article from "Alternate Routes" a journal of critical social research.

Living Wage Waterloo Region: What we learned in one year

Living Wage Waterloo reflects on a year of working towards living wages in the region.

CTV Northern Ontario: A Living Wage


In Northern Ontario, a campaign is underway to bring attention to challenges faced by the working poor.

View the full story at CTV here.

The Living Wage Movement: Responding to the Low-Wage Economy

The York University Global Labour Research Centre’s opening session in the 2015-16 speaker series assembled a panel of leading researchers focused on the living wage movement in Ontario, including economist Kaylie Tiessen.

Read more at York University's Global Labour Research Centre here.

Cambridge becomes first in Ontario to endorse living wage policy

Cambridge city council voted to become Ontario's first municipality to pay their employees a living wage on Tuesday night.

The city is officially a supporter of Waterloo Region Living Wage who calculated the living wage in this region is $16.05 an hour.

Read the full story at The Record here.


CTV Kitchener: Small raise in living wage

On the first anniversary of Waterloo Region's Living Wage movement came the news that the magic number for 2016 is $16.05 per hour.

See the full story at CTV Kitchener here.


More Windsor businesses commit to paying a living wage

Several Windsor businesses, unions and charities have committed to paying workers a living wage.

“Right now in Windsor-Essex about 18,000 people are considered working poor,” said Adam Vasey, director of Pathway to Potential. “The living wage is designed to address people who are working but because of circumstances, whether that’s having one miniumum wage job, a couple of part-time jobs, they’re not able to make ends meet.”

Read the full story at the Windsor Star here.