Niagara This Week: Let's talk about Living Wage

To kick off #LivingWageWeek, Glen Walker, chair Niagara Poverty Reduction Network has a great op-ed in Niagara This Week:

Nov. 5-11 is Living Wage Week.Initiatives around the world in countries like New Zealand, the United Kingdom and even right here in Ontario are discussing Living Wage and its significance in our society.As part of its ongoing work, the Niagara Poverty Reduction Network’s (NPRN) Wages and Work Task Group has been involved in the calculation of the local living wage, as well as prompting discussions about this important benchmark and what it means to our community.There is much confusion regarding the differences between living wage and the legislated minimum wage.Minimum wage is a standard set by the provincial government that employers must legally adhere to. It is based on a historic standard that gets adjusted based on the policies of the current Ontario government. It is an arbitrary and, some might say, inadequate number...

Read the full piece here.

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