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We all want to share in economic prosperity. Unfortunately, for too many workers in Hamilton, work is not a route out of poverty. With the support of progressive employers, civic leaders and other partners, we’re striving to make Hamilton a living wage community!

Hamilton’s living wage calculation uses community-specific data through a framework developed by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives-Ontario to determine expenses incurred by a family of four. A living wage enables workers to: provide the necessities for their family, promote healthy development, participate in community life, and avoid the stress of living in chronic poverty.

How we got $16.45 per hour:

  • Family of four: two adults, two children
  • Both adults work full time; 37.5 hours a week
  • No savings, retirement planning or debt repayments

Monthly Costs

— 2019's Living Wage Calculation Report to be posted here soon —


Rent and related costs $1,305
Childcare $806
Food and personal care $757
Transportation $664
Utilities $248
Non-OHIP medical $272
Social inclusion $167
Staying connected $142
Education $88
Recreation $42