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    Thanks for your interest Julia. It would be possible to calculate what the living wage would be for any configuration of family or individual. Some would be lower than the current model of a 2 adult 2 child family, and some would be higher. It’s not a perfect representation of the complexities of society, but it was never meant to be. To me, the living wage is just trying to get closer to reality than the minimum wage, and I think it accomplishes that.

  • Public Sector Leadership: anchoring Ontario's living wage movement


    Join us on February 22-23 in Burlington. Together, we can build up our capacity to bring public sector employers into the growing living wage movement. 

    170 employers have signed on to become living wage employers in Ontario. Only a fraction of those employers are in the public sector. We know that hospitals, universities, schools, and municipal governments are anchor institutions in our communities. These employers provide decent jobs for many, while many more work in precarious contract positions. 

    It’s time to raise the floor on public sector work in Ontario. In the lead up to the provincial and municipal elections of 2018, there is an opportunity to engage civic, public sector, and non-profit leaders to ensure that the future of great cities centres on championing a living wage agenda.

    We are currently assembling the agenda, and we'd value your input about the kind of exchanges you'd like to have at our event. Leave a comment at the bottom of this page or contact Craig Pickthorne directly with your suggestions and questions. 


    Feb 22

    6:30-8:00 pm

    Waterfront Hotel


    Dave Watson, Head of Policy & Public Affairs at UNISON Scotland will share some insight from the massive living wage movement in the UK. 

    Feb 23

    8:00 am

    Art Gallery Burlington

    Registration Begins


    8:30 am

    Light buffet breakfast


    9:00 am


    Tom Cooper, Director of the Hamilton Poverty Roundtable

    9:10 am


    Why target the public sector?

    Colette Murphy, executive director of the Atkinson Foundation

    10:00 am

    Panel 1: Municipalities implementing fair wage policies

    Moderated by Trish Hennessy


    • Mark Piplica, Manager, Fair Wage Office - City of Toronto
    • Deanna Ogle, Executive Director, Living Wage For Families
    • Mark Weingartner, Senior Policy Analyst, City of Hamilton

    Panellists will discuss the process of implementing a living wage or fair wage policy at a municipality and what unique factors need to be considered when approaching municipal organizations.

    10:45 am

    Group Photo and Break


    11:00 am

    Panel 2:

    Public Sector Employers and the living wage

    Introduction by Dave Watson, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at UNISON Scotland


    • Don Wells Emeritus Professor, Labour Studies and Political Science at McMaster University
    • Alex Johnstone, Trustee, Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board

    This panel will explore the implementation of a living wage policy across different types of public sector organizations. Panellist will share their knowledge and experience with the process of implementing the living wage and discuss potential challenges within the sector.

    12:00 pm


    Served on-site

    1:00 pm

    Panel 3:

    A business case for the living wage

    Moderated by Jan Mowbray


    • Damin Starr, Owner, Pre-line Processing
    • Helmi Ansari, Owner, Grosche
    • Mara Shaw, Executive Director of Loving Spoonful

    Living wage employers will share their experience with the benefits of paying a living wage.

    2:00 pm

    Workshop: Living Wage at Election Time and Mapping out your campaign

    Deanna Ogle, Executive Director of Living Wage for Families and Tom Cooper, Director of the Hamilton Poverty Roundtable

    2018 is a year of elections—provincial and municipal. This workshop will focus on how to maximize this opportunity and how to start a public sector campaign once elections are over.

    3:00 pm

    Open Plenary

    Moderated by Deirdre Pike, Senior Social Planner at the Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton

    Open group discussion, we’d like to hear from you!

    4:00 pm


    In order to be as accessible as possible, this event is free of charge. Thank you to the Atkinson Foundation for making this exchange possible. 

    Space is limited, so please RSVP as soon as possible.

    February 23, 2018 at 8:30am
    Art Gallery Burlington
    1333 Lakeshore Rd
    Burlington, ON L7S 1A9
    Google map and directions
    68 rsvps rsvp

  • We all want to share in economic prosperity. Unfortunately, for too many workers in Hamilton, work is not a route out of poverty. With the support of progressive employers, civic leaders and other partners, we’re striving to make Hamilton a living wage community!

    Hamilton’s living wage calculation uses community-specific data through a framework developed by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives-Ontario to determine expenses incurred by a family of four. A living wage enables workers to: provide the necessities for their family, promote healthy development, participate in community life, and avoid the stress of living in chronic poverty.

    How we got $15.85 per hour:

    • Family of four: two adults, two children
    • Both adults work full time; 37.5 hours a week
    • No savings, retirement planning or debt repayments

    Monthly Costs

    Click here to download a PDF of our calculation info.


  • Kingston Recognizes First Two Living Wage Employers

    Well done Cam Jay and Tara Kainer of Kingston Living Wage on a successful employer recognition event Thursday August 3rd.

    The first two of many to come: Brunet Plumbing Kitchen & Bath and King's Town Dental

    Living wage employers are leaders among their peers, and deserve to be recognized for their commitment to decent work. For that reason it was great to see this event receive so much coverage from the local media... 

    Read more

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