Village Media Inc.

Village Media is an ever-expanding network of local news and information websites. A champion of local news, village Media operates some of the largest online news sites in the communities they serve, publishing the latest local news, current events, obituaries, feature stories and more, on an innovative and scalable content management system (CMS) developed in-house. Born digital, this leading-edge company is a pioneer in its industry, continuously expanding its reach and changing the landscape of online news. 

The Village Media network has grown to include 20 owned and operated sites and the company licenses its platform through strategic partnerships with respected news publishers including Dougall media, Glacier Media, Great West Digital and Rogers Media in Canada; as well as McClatchy in the United States and Archant Media in the United Kingdom.  

Dedicated to making community news sustainable through a combination of industry-leading technology, community-based marketing and award-winning editorial.