London Manufacturing Advocate is Living Wage Certified

The Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising public and investor awareness of Ontario's advanced manufacturing ecosystem, with the intention of supporting growth and improving competitiveness. Brendan Sweeney, Managing Director, explains why they decided to certify:

"The Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing believes that paying the living wage, or more, demonstrates that we value our employees health and well-being.  A living wage demonstrates that we believe in the growth of our staff, community and economy."

“When you pay staff a living wage, you are signalling that your employees are assets. Staff who are constantly worried about meeting their basic needs cannot be as focussed as those who have their needs met. Establishing that you value your team members by paying above the living wage will result in increased staff loyalty and productivity. It’s a simple cost-value analysis" Deschênes-McKay, Operations Manager adds.

Advocating for good jobs and paying a living wage are a natural fit. It's good to have the support of another network. 

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