Living Wage Week 2022

Let's get right to the headline news...we have updated all living wage rates for the province!

As announced earlier, we've moved to a regional system. By doing this we'll be able to update all 10 living wage rates every year on the second Monday of November, and every employer in the province will be able to seek certification with us. Previous years have see us add new living wage calculations to our map, but there was always gaps in our coverage. If we continued on with the old boundary system, we would have needed to keep an unwieldy 51 local living wage rates updated every year...

From our calculation report:

This year’s living wage calculations emerge from a backdrop of record–breaking inflation and Consumer Price Index increases, and workers at the bottom end of the wage scale are most vulnerable to these kinds of fluctuations. A living wage is an effective tool to combat working poverty by making sure that employees can make ends meet where they live. By incorporating expenses that a worker must cover, such as shelter, food, transportation and more, our living wages are much closer to reality than a politically set minimum wage. 

Read the full PDF report here.

More news to follow as we get #LivingWageWeek2022 started.


2021 Community 2022 Region 2021 Rate 2022 Rate % Increase
Chatham–Kent Southwest $16.33 $18.15 11.1%
Durham GTA $17.80 $23.15 30.1%
Grey & Bruce Grey Bruce Perth Huron Simcoe $18.39 $20.70 12.6%
Guelph &   Wellington Waterloo Dufferin   Guelph-Wellington $18.10 $19.95 10.2%
Haldimand–Norfolk Southeast $17.35 $19.80 14.1%
Halton GTA $20.75 $23.15 11.6%
Hamilton Hamilton $17.20 $19.05 10.8%
Hastings &   Prince Edward East $17.95 $19.05 6.1%
Kingston East $17.75 $19.05 7.3%
Leeds,   Grenville, & Lanark East $18.25 $19.05 4.4%
London & Middlesex London Elgin Oxford $16.55 $18.05 9.1%
Muskoka East $18.55 $19.05 2.7%
Niagara Region Southeast $18.90 $19.80 4.8%
Norththumberland East $18.80 $19.05 1.3%
Ottawa Ottawa $18.60 $19.60 5.4%
Peel Region GTA $19.80 $23.15 16.9%
Perth & Huron Grey Bruce Perth Huron Simcoe $17.95 $20.70 15.3%
Peterborough East $18.35 $19.05 3.8%
Renfrew County East $17.40 $19.05 9.5%
Sault Ste.   Marie North $16.20 $19.70 21.6%
Simcoe County Grey Bruce Perth Huron Simcoe $19.05 $20.70 8.7%
St. Thomas   & Elgin London Elgin Oxford $16.57 $18.05 8.9%
Sudbury North $16.98 $19.70 16.0%
Thunder Bay North $16.30 $19.70 20.9%
Toronto GTA $22.08 $23.15 4.8%
United Counties   of Prescott & Russell East $17.15 $19.05 11.1%
Waterloo Region Dufferin Waterloo Guelph-Wellington $17.20 $19.95 16.0%
Windsor   Essex Southwest $16.60    $18.15    9.3%

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  • Tim Hackborn
    commented 2023-02-07 11:18:12 -0500
    I think it would be helpful to articulate that these rates are based on the needs of a single adult. It would be helpful to highlight which COLA Index numbers you are using to determine the wages. I cant help but wonder if “transportation” costs are simply gas and/or public transit access, not inclusive of environmental factors. i.e- accessibility to essential services may require transit to another county/city.
  • laura manning
    commented 2023-01-22 18:20:05 -0500
    $18.05 living wage in Ontario is scary when ontario works only gives you $733 a month should you not be able to find a job. Where do you live for that? I work full time but there are work shortages, two weeks without earnings when you were getting full time is rough. I make less than 18.05per hr and a lot of others don’t earn that much either.
  • Melanie Verreault
    commented 2022-11-14 14:59:51 -0500
    Thank you for the report however, Northern ON is not well represented here- specifically, I am speaking about Timmins and other Northern communities. Note that Sudbury is more than 3.5 hours away, SSM nearly 6 hours away from Timmins. Is there a way to obtain the data from Timmins? Thank you.
  • Craig Pickthorne
    published this page in News 2022-11-14 09:54:43 -0500