Enviro Services Group Certifies Living Wage

KITCHENER—The Ontario Living Wage Network (OLWN) is pleased to announce that AET Group has become a certified living wage employer with all employees earning at least $16.35 per hour.

AET Group was founded twenty years ago as solid waste management company. They have since grown into multi-disciplinary environmental consulting, auditing and scientific services company. Scott Freiburger, Managing Director & CEO, explains why they became a certified living wage employer:

"Paying at least a living wage helps to ease the burden of worry about making ends meet. By becoming a Living Wage Employer, we are making a stand against the problem of working poverty. All our workers deserve to make enough to live on."

AET employs 35 people in 2 offices in Ontario, and has a network of clients throughout Canada, United States of America, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean. In addition to being a certified living wage employer, they are also B-Corp certified

“We are passionate, relentless, and always strive for excellence and the highest standard in everything we do to provide unparalleled support to our employees, and superior services to our clients and our community. As a company that is committed to keeping our employees positive and empowered, we have committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 8: Promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all; and Sustainable Development Goal 1: End Poverty. To support these Sustainable Development Goals, AET has a target of 100% employees paid at least living wage by 2022" Freiburger continues.

Thank you for becoming a certified living wage employer AET Group, the latest to do so in the Kitchener Waterloo Region. 


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