Employers Remember What It's Like To Scrape By on Min Wage

The Ontario Living Wage Network is pleased to announce that ServiceMaster Restore of Guelph, a disaster restoration company, has become a certified living wage employer with all employees earning at least $17.00 per hour.

Andrew Jackson, co-owner explains why they pay at least a living wage to all staff:

"Myself and my partners started in this industry as technicians in the field and worked our way up, eventually buying our own franchise. From the beginning we always promised ourselves that we’d look after our people. We knew what it was like to scrape by on the bare minimum of wages…to struggle with multiple jobs to make ends meet. We don’t forget where we’ve come from and we’ll always be committed to treating people well."

A living wage is calculated by the OLWN to show how much a household—two adults working full time supporting two small children—must earn per hour in order to make ends meet and enjoy modest participation in their civic and cultural community. The living wage for Guelph has been calculated at $17.00 per hour.

Jackson adds: "We're passionate about paying a living wage. We've seen the difference it can make in the lives of the families of our staff. It's very rewarding to see how we can help their living situation just by treating them well financially."

Welcome to the network everyone at ServiceMaster Restore Guelph!

Co-owners of ServiceMaster Restore Guelph.

Left to right: Andrew Jackson, Jason Jones, Justin Callon, Billy Van Wyck

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