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"Make no mistake...we target the public sector because it's powerful. Inside the living wage movement, the sector has the potential to lift whole neighbourhoods out of poverty. Left on the outside, its systems and structures can turn poverty into a chronic, intergenerational condition."

Colette Murphy, Executive Director, Atkinson Foundation.

While many businesses and non-profits in a number of communities across Ontario have implemented living wage policies, there are many thousands of employees across Ontario working within public-sector institutions as either direct employees or as contracted staff, and are earning less than a living wage.

Municipal governments and other public sector employers are anchor institutions in our communities. They can be models of doing the right thing and can set an example for other employers. One way to do that is to make sure that our municipal employees and contracted staff earn at least a Living Wage.

The cities and towns we call home must not be low wage employers in our name.

Municipal councillors have a special role to play in promoting a Living Wage in our community. By ensuring that our municipal employees have a Living Wage, they can strengthen us as individuals and families, and as a community. Living Wage municipalities can be a better model for all of us in improving our futures.

If you're a living wage advocate, please show your public support by signing our individual/organization pledge. 

If you're a candidate in the upcoming municipal elections on October 22nd and support living wage initiatives, please sign our candidate pledge. In doing so, you will be publicly listed in our directory of candidates across Ontario who want a living wage for their constituents. 

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