CBC: Hamilton's Mustard Seed Co-op pays workers living wage, catches Kathleen Wynne's eye


Kathleen Wynne picked up some honey from Hamilton's Mustard Seed Co-op on Friday, accompanied by MPP Ted McMeekin and Mayor Fred Eisenberger. (Laura Clementson/CBC)

By Laura Clementson, CBC News

For three years the Mustard Seed Co-op has been delivering to the people of Hamilton healthy, local fruits and vegetables — and to its workers a living wage.

And Friday, the grocery was recognized by the premier as a leading example for Ontario employers to follow.

"We feel that as a Co-op, we've been trying to take a leadership role in creating an equitable workplace for our staff and for our community," said Mustard Seed Co-op president, Graham Cubitt.

Since opening their doors in 2014, The Mustard Seed Co-op on York Boulevard has been a living wage employer — even though it hasn't always been easy. And Premier Kathleen Wynne considered it an ideal location to discuss her plan to assist Ontario employees.

"I think she was inspired by seeing a business that has been committed to living wage, intentionally living wage since we opened, to see that you can make it work," said Cubitt.

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